Battlefield Play4Free

Battlefield Play4Free

Free multiplayer online first person shooter


  • Good graphics
  • Intense gameplay
  • Variety of fun vehicles to use
  • 32 player games


  • Some glitches
  • Some gameplay imbalances
  • Offputting for new players

Very good

Battlefield Play4Free is an excellent online multiplayer shooter you can play from your browser. Create your own soldier then head into multiplayer games set in classic Battlefield maps.

Launch from your Browser

Like Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free runs from your browser. Once you've registered or signed in with your EA account, you have to install an add-on, which will the install the game. You can choose your class of soldier from a range including medic, assault and sniper. The look of your soldier is customizable, but you can't be very extravagant.

Once your ready to go, you can jump into Battlefield Play4Free. The two maps we played, Oman and Strike at Karkand offer different styles of game. The first is quite open, and ideal for players who like sniping, or using the Helicopter Gunships and Jets. The latter is more urban and results in tighter, more intense gun play.

Looks and gameplay

You gain experience like in Battlefield Heroes, but Battlefield Play4Free is a much more serious shooter. New players can expect to get killed a lot, and there are still clearly some issues to iron out - a skilled player in a jet, for example, seems to be able to rain down on soldiers far too easily! Soldiers also seem to die really easily, and not just from 'headshots'. Aside from some balancing that needs to be done, Battlefield Play4Free offers a recognizable Battlefield experience, with excellent graphics and sound. There is a shop where you can purchase points to spend on improved weaponry etc.

Even if you stick to Battlefield Play4Free's free play, it's a worthwhile and competitive FPS.

Battlefield Play4Free


Battlefield Play4Free

User reviews about Battlefield Play4Free

  • by Anonymous

    was awesome, till they quit.
    was awesome, till they quit was awesome, till they quit was awesome, till they quit...   More

  • by Anonymous

    i'ts amaizing the best game i ever play..   More